The Back Story

I feel like a beauty queen when I talk about The Bacon Swinery, especially when I tell them that our bacon will bring about world peace.  Making bacon is not a dream come true.  It is the manifestation of my joy.  

In a dark chapter in my life, I was looking to do something that I loved and that I could share with my friends and family.  I am a pathological sharer so it makes more sense if you know me (or someone like me).  If I find something great I need to share it.  Whether it is the softest sheets for your bed, a piece of trivia, a great app, an amazing movie, a book that changed my life or pretty much anything that I love.  I’m the guy on a first date that is insisting that you try the best thing on my plate, even if you’re not my date.

I love a shared experience and I love to spread the nuggets of joy that I find in the world.    I am known to love books, movies, wine, coffee and especially bacon.  Not in a weird tchotchke (looks weird to see it spelled, right?) way, like bacon key-rings, bacon toothpaste or bacon cologne.  More in a “wow” I love a great bacon find at a deli or a really creative dish that incorporates bacon in a magical innovative way.

Anyway, I owe my venture into bacon making to my brother-in-law, Marc.  Marc is a serial hobbyist who literally reaches the end of the internet studying up on a topic and then quietly moves on to another totally unrelated hobby.  He has been into BMX racing,  golf, guns, lemon car racing, road biking, motor-cycles and about 5 years ago, bacon and Charcuterie.  When I first heard about this I rolled my eyes and made some comment like, why would anyone make bacon when there were so many places you could get great bacon.  All I have to say is “Marc please forgive my ignorance and cynicism”.  When I first tried his bacon I was amazed and in awe.  He showed me another plane of bacon appreciation.

Needless to say, I became a bacon hobbyist and joked about opening up my version of the Original Soup Man (aka “Soup Nazi”) restaurant, but instead of soup we would serve great bacon paired with big bold red wines.  If people asked for a “Sauvingnon Blanc” or “Dry Merlot” with their bacon we would banish them forever screaming after them “No BACON for YOU!”  Several bottles in I decided to call this vision the Swinery (I thought at the time that it was a made up word and admired my own genius) and my equally inebriated friends agreed that this was a supreme idea. That was about 5 years ago.

And now here we are years later turning this lovely idea into something even bigger than I imagined.  More bacon flavors, more people serviced and soon our first bacon tasting room.  What a trip.  I hope you too will experience the joy and share our love of great things with your friends (and your family if they deserve it).


Bacon shipped to you

Most of you will try our bacon by mail, for now. Meaning we will ship it to you and you get to fry it, bake it yourself (please don’t microwave it and if you do just don’t tell me about it, no matter how great it is). For the lucky few that live in San Diego, you can swing by our office after ordering online  (see map to the right or down on mobile) and pick up your fresh bacon whenever you want (office hours please).

When it arrives at your place it will be vacuum sealed and cool to the touch.  We ship it frozen in a thermal container so it stays cool the whole way.  It’s also a cured meat so it would travel really well even if we didn’t freeze it.  Bacon is pretty amazing stuff and it laughs at your concerns about freezing.  Throw in the fridge if you want to eat it in the next day or so or toss it back in the freezer when you receive and see for yourself.  When you take it out and thaw it, it will be amazing. Same great color, taste and texture.  

We make our bacon fresh every week so more than likely the bacon you receive was curing in the Swinery just the week before.  When we run out more than likely we have a new batch on its way within the week.

Our bacon is made in small batches cured, smoked, glazed and cooked to perfection (don’t be a troll and tell us how to make better bacon).  After you fry or bake this stuff you will agree that this is the way bacon should be.


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