Bacon Swinery Gift Certificate

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Give the gift of bacon!  If you can’t decide what flavor to send your friend, co-worker, client or loved one just send them a Bacon Swinery Gift Certificate.

And if for some reason they don’t care for bacon tell them to feel free to pay it forward, or for that matter pay it back and send you bacon.  Because who really doesn’t like bacon.

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Bacon is the best thing in the world to give as a gift.  However, shipping a slab of bacon to a loved one may feel a bit odd.  So let us do it for you with the best bacon in the world.  Well, that may be overstating things.  But we do make darn good bacon and aspire to make the best bacon you have ever tried.

And if you max out the gift certificate we will fly your recipient to San Diego to come for a personal bacon tasting.  Because seriously who would give someone $10k worth of bacon.  That’s crazy talk.  Cool, but Brewster’s Millions nuts.






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