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Happy Mother’s Day

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with the best bacon on earth. Enjoy Everything but Bagel, Sweet Sriracha, and Orange Marmalade bacon.  And to make it an extra special day we have added in the best Chocolate Chip cookie we have ever eaten.

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Everything But Bagel Bacon

Once upon a time, the "everything bagel" was a special Sunday treat.  Toasted with a schmear of cream cheese or better yet and egg, cheese and bacon breakfast sandwich.  Yum!

Well, nowadays the new generation is no longer constrained by tradition.  Flavors can simply be mixed and matched.  Carbs suddenly became bad for you so the answer was to create and "Everything but bagel" spice.  What?  Sacrilege you say.

Well, hold on.  We have taken that spice and made it into a keto treat, in the most flavorful way possible.  Everything but bagel bacon can be eaten on its own, with cream cheese or on a plain bagel just to switch it up!


  • Crispy Thick (5mm)
  • Thick Chewy (7mm)
  • Brick (10 oz)

Sweet Sriracha Bacon

Some things need little description.  The taste of this bacon is LEGENDARY.  That was actually the theme of my 25th college reunion.  Sounds great without specifics.  Kind of lets you own it however you want to describe it.

For those that love hot and sweet, this is your pick.  It's what my wife chose when she picked me!  ;) Come on, how can you go wrong with this combination?  Make sure you warn your guests before serving this mouth adventure. Or don't and see how they react.

There may be some people (probably picky eaters and kids) that won't love the heat.  Just tell them..."You can't handle the truth!" and then you can proclaim "NO BACON FOR YOU!" and banish them forever from your establishment.

  • Crispy Thick (5mm)
  • Thick Chewy (7mm)
  • Brick (10 oz)

Orange Marmalade Bacon

Our orange marmelade bacon pairs perfectly with English muffins, waffles, pancakes, eggs, more bacon, orange juice, and Grand Marnier (after 10 am please).

Everybody loves Paddington, right?  Except maybe Hugh Grant's character (Phoenix Buchanan) in Paddington 2. And Paddington's favorite thing in the world is orange marmalade.  Now take these two great things and swap out the bear for a pig...and you get friendly delicious perfection.  Or just darn good bacon. We love this stuff.

Are we sold out? Our Apple Pie Bacon is great too.

  • Crispy Thick (5mm)
  • Thick Chewy (7mm)
  • Brick (10 oz)

Special Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

This is the best cookie we have ever made.  Inspired by Alton Brown with a special Bacon Swinery flare, we think you will love this as much as we do.

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Nothing says I love and appreciate you like bacon.  Its actually kind of weird offer someone bacon rather than just saying “I love” you, but we live in strange times. So this year send some amazing bacon to your favorite mom and tell her that you love her too.


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