Keto Bacon for Life: 4 Bricks a Month

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Keto is a lifestyle, and in order to support that choice, we are offering a box of 4 bricks of Keto bacon every month.  You can quit at any time, but why would you do that? You’re not a quitter, are you?

Our bacon isn’t just Keto friendly, it is pure Keto.  We add no carbs when curing this bacon, which makes this a great snack or side with no guilt.

Each month you’ll receive a care package filled with four bricks of Keto bacon.  Great flavors, including maple, espresso, Cholula, caveman candy (sweet, spicy and savory) and more!

If you need more than 4 bricks we can also increase the quantity per shipment and shipping is still free.

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I have been known to make fun of Keto and Paleo people, but you know its just jealousy right?  You all look healthier than me and you have more energy, yadda yadda yadda.

So we made this bacon out of respect for you and perhaps as a gateway to our eventual conversion.


We took the original Maple Brown sugar and we decided to make our Keto friends happy.  You know who are.  Yes, you look great and I would be healthier if I gave up all carbs…yadda yadda yadda.  Enough already here is the first truly Keto Swinery bacon!


This bacon is just awesome.  This is a bacon lovers bacon.  It is savory without too much salt.  Tastes great with anything, especially bold flavors (liquid or solid).  If you are expecting more coffee flavors, try the mocha instead.  This keto espresso is just great bold flavor with no guilt.


Well, this one (Keto Cholula) is for you crazy peeps.  I figure in case you convert me to your evil ways I want to make sure there is great bacon waiting for me on the other side. This is just as good as the Sriracha bacon. Maybe even better.  Similar spice with just a touch of sweet.  And yes no carbs!


Enjoy this amazing treat.  Full of protein, “good fat” and no carbs.  Even carb lovers will enjoy this.  My wife thought it was great and so did my daughter and they could live entirely off of rice and crackers all day long every day.  Of course, I didn’t tell them it was Keto. Eating healthier won’t hurt them.

Enjoy looking better than the rest of us while eating great bacon.

You are welcome!


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