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A Pirate’s Treasure Chest of Bacon

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Ahoy! Every day best be ‘natter (talk to ye civilians) like a pirate day.

’twas a dark ‘n stormy night. Th’ pirate cap’n gathered his crew, ‘n said, “tonight we rest up fer adventure on th’ morrow as I tell ye a tale that shall make yer mouths turn t’ water: th’ legend o’ th’ best bacon ye shall ever had…

Today be a day t’ celebrate wit’ bacon. ’tis “Talk Like a Pirate” day, ‘n therefore ye’ll needs t’ keep a sharp eye on yer booty chest o’ bacon t’ make sure that th’ pirates don’t come in ‘n plunder ye golden strips.

Tis chest o’ bacon booty will let ye feast like a pirate!


Spiced Rum Bacon

This is a recipe straight from the deepest heart of the Bermuda Triangle. Is that really even a thing? Seems like just a function of bad navigation and storms before radar. We actually envision someone with a deep voice commanding “Bacon, Bacon, SUNDAY!” and then gleefully chomping a piece of this amazing after-hours bacon.

Crispy Thick (5mm)
Brick (10 oz)

Jamaican Jerk Bacon

When our head of marketing suggested that we make Jamaican Jerk bacon I smiled and said: "you're makin' me crazy". Not sure why I didn’t think of this first. And as we made the first batch, just the smell of the cure made me think that this may be my new favorite.

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Spicy Margarita Bacon

Think of this bacon like the ultimate mixer. Pretty much everything is fair game. For some, you can say, "its not the alcohol, I just like the flavor. " While others will say, "while I'm at it I really should pair it with a great margarita." Delicious! And then there are those that will serve this bacon in a shot glass of their favorite tequila (not mezcal), because...why not, you are on vacation.

Crispy Thick (5mm)
Brick (10 oz)

Bourbon Bacon

So if you think life is just a bit better with a great cocktail, especially a good bourbon, then this is the bacon choice for you. If ever there was a bacon that was meant for after dark this would be it. Make this your guilty pleasure.

Crispy Thick (5mm)
Brick (10 oz)
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