Wasabi Bacon with Soy Sauce

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I love Sushi. And I am sceptical of friends that don’t also like Sushi.  I have a lot of love in me so I can get over it, but seriously. what’s wrong with you (I’m talking to you father-in-law).

I always feel like at the end of the meal there needs to be one last thing to make it complete, but Inari isn’t quite right and mochi is too sweet.   What they need is wasabi bacon.

Imagine if you have the perfect mixture of soy sauce and wasabi that is finally right after a meal of mixing. And you have nothing left to dip in it. I know horrible isn’t it. Take that and add bacon and now you know what has been missing your whole life. You are welcome!

Honestly, when I first made this I didn’t want to try it.  I thought it would be gross.  Then I fried it up and imagine my surprise when I fell in love with it.  It became my favorite. I imagine this is how my wife felt about me when we started dating.


  • Crispy Thick (5mm)
  • Thick Chewy (7mm)
  • Brick (10 oz)


This bacon should be served at Sushi restaurants for dessert.  It is wonderfully savory and tastes like a faint memory of lovely bacon made love to a beautiful Japanese horseradish.  But nicer!


  • Pork Belly
  • Brown sugar
  • Kosher Salt
  • Wasabi Paste
  • Soy Sauce
  • Pink Salt


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