The Only way to cook Bacon

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Cooking Bacon In The Oven

My accidentally newfound bacon technique has helped reduce the stress and has given me a few legs up. I now put the bacon in a 400-degree oven and set a timer for 10 minutes. I cut off the power when the bell goes off; I can forget about it and all will be well.

  • After sitting for 10 more minutes once the oven is off, you’ll have slightly chewy but crispy bacon; this is my preference.
  • Five more minutes buys you more crisp and less chew.
  • Another five delivers that shatteringly crisp bacon that I love so much. (As long as you don’t leave it there for an hour, when the bacon fat might start to congeal, you’re fine.)

Cooking bacon in the oven like this means you’re rendering the fat low and slow, ensuring maximal crispiness.

One additional benefit is that the bacon fat seems less likely to scorch, and once the rashers have been moved to a paper towel–lined plate and the pan has cooled a few minutes more, it’s fairly easy to dispense with the fat, or better yet, pour it into a heatproof container to keep in the fridge for sautéing other foods and lending a touch of smoky flavor to anything and everything.


This Is the Only Way I Cook Bacon Now, Thanks to ... a Power Outage

It has been decades since my husband and I decamped from Metropolis and moved to the country, which means one thing: We've had our fair share of power outages. In 1996, just three months into owning our first home, the power went out in a freak snowstorm that kept us in the dark for 11 days.

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