Pumpkin Pie Bacon

I made this bacon for Paulo.  For years he has visited us from Guadalajara Mexico.  What you need to know about him is that he is a wonderful human being, hilarious in English (and Spanish or so I am told), he loves pumpkin everything and he smells really good.  That may sound a bit weird, but it's true.  He always smells good.  Maybe it's the pumpkins.

Anyway, after falling in love with Apple Pie Bacon, I thought about what else do American's love.  Pumpkin spice lattes and funny beer commercials. So I thought about it and decided pumpkin-spiced bacon sounded gross.  So I didn't make it.

But Paulo is such a great guy so I re-engineered the recipe to be a bit more like a great pumpkin pie, but more subtle and not too sweet.  It's actually quite lovely if I do say so myself.  Even my wife commented that she really liked it.  I think you should try it.  For Paulo.

Think of it as a homage to the happiest Thanksgiving you ever had and then erase the whole cleaning up afterward part and the travel nightmare too.  Hopefully, it will bring back happy feelings of family, togetherness, and love.  Or make new imaginary memories as you close your eyes and eat this bacon.

This is seasonal bacon, because what kind of heathen eats pumpkin in the spring or summer.  Shame on you for even thinking about it!