Our Story


Ever think that wine connoisseurs and sommeliers sound pretty pretentious with their descriptions of wine like “with a hint of orange and lavender, pencil lead and ground pepper?” Yeah, we do too. But we love wine and beer… and mixed drinks too. And once in a while a really great bottle of… we digress.

We love wine, but we don’t think you have to be a pretentious jerk when you are drinking it. And this got us to thinking: why couldn’t our other favorite thing, bacon, be appreciated in the same way as great wine and alcohol, without the attitude?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you not only tasted bacon, but you got a hint of some other amazing flavors? Not punch in the face flavor, just a soft caress to remind you how great it is to be alive. Well, that is our idea on how to make the greatest bacon in the world.

Welcome to the Bacon Swinery!