Frequently Asked Questions


Where did the name 'Bacon Swinery' come from?

Glad you asked! The name originates from our Chief Swinologist Curtis' love for bacon & a dream to start a 'Bacon Winery' where you would be able to visit & try a variety of enhanced flavored bacon.

We are still on the mission to open a physical location where this is possible,  but for now we make these amazing bacon flavors that we get to share with you & have them shipped directly to your door. 


What is the best way to prepare the bacon?

It's actually quite simple! For more instructions, please refer to our preparation guide to see the best ways to cook your bacon. 


Do we need to freeze our bacon?

We freeze all the bacon prior to shipping so that it remains cool in transit. Its a cured meat so technically it can be stored outside refrigeration (like in a root cellar or wine), but we don’t recommend storing out of refrigeration for any length of time.


Is it safe to store in the fridge?

Yes! We recommend that you eat bacon within 4 to 6 weeks if you are storing it in the fridge.


How is the bacon packaged?

Your bacon is stored in individual vacuum sealed bags to preserve freshness.  We then freeze it so that it travels well and remains cool in transit.  When it arrives you can toss it in the fridge or freezer and re-thaw it whenever you want to try your delicious bacon.


How is it shipped?

If you choose to have the bacon shipped to you it will come via USPS Priority Post. Keep in mind that unlike UPS or FedEx, they may not ring your door or they will try to put it in your mail box. You should receive emails from our carrier telling you when it is delivered, but you will want to check to make sure it is not sitting in the sun or your mailbox for a week.

If you have any questions about your order, send us an email at


What should I do when my order arrives?

When you get your bacon toss it in the refrigerator. It should be cool when it arrives, but don’t worry if it is warm. Bacon travels really well. Bacon is a cured meat so it technically can be stored outside of refrigeration for extended periods of time, but we still recommend you refrigerate it once you receive it. 


What comes in the subscriptions?

Signing up allows you to tailor your subscription to specifically meet your bacon needs. Just choose how much, how often and what flavor profile and we’ll ensure that it is made to order then shipped to your door when you want it.


How much comes in a subscription?

It's quite a hefty package—4 bricks (1 brick =  1/2 lb) of bacon per box.


How frequently will I get my subscription?

At the moment we are offering a monthly shipment and a shipment for every other month.


What are my choices for the subscription?

You will be able to choose between favorites, sweet, savory, & swinery choice—and we will randomly select flavors for you to try to keep things fresh every shipment!

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